Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* convert virtual/pam to sys-libs/pamJory Pratt2019-10-131-1/+1
* net-fs/cifs-utils: stable on musl supported archesAnthony G. Basile2019-05-112-3/+2
* net-fs/cifs-utils: add missing headersAnthony G. Basile2019-05-116-0/+222
* net-fs/cifs-utils: fixed in treestefson2018-06-174-161/+0
* Remove more keywords not supported on muslAnthony G. Basile2018-01-241-1/+1
* Remove fbsd and prefix keywordsAnthony G. Basile2018-01-241-1/+1
* metadata/layout.conf: switch to thin manifestsLuis Ressel2017-11-131-3/+0
* net-fs/cifs-utils: sync with upstreamAric Belsito2017-03-182-4/+5
* net-fs/cifs-utils: fix buildAnthony G. Basile2016-04-055-58/+38
* Fix Gentoo copyright headersAnthony G. Basile2016-03-292-2/+2
* Update metadata.xml and make repoman (partially) happyAnthony G. Basile2016-02-282-3/+2
* net-fs/cifs-utils: bump to version 6.4Felix Janda2016-01-222-6/+4
* Initial migration from hardened-dev::muslAnthony G. Basile2015-06-115-0/+186