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* * Fixed an oops. :$scruggsj2006-04-024-18/+17
* * Added a workaround for revdep-rebuildscruggsj2006-04-024-27/+69
* * Fixed an oops with the new use flag.scruggsj2006-03-254-27/+27
* * Varius cosmetic changes.scruggsj2006-03-254-25/+34
* * fixed dpends for FreeNX 0.4.xscruggsj2006-03-213-20/+22
* * Added a feature to the FreeNX 0.4.x ebuilds to automatically set the scruggsj2006-03-154-22/+28
* * Updated the FreeNX ebuilds.scruggsj2006-03-154-18/+25
* * Forgot the new patch. *cough* Sorry.scruggsj2006-03-141-0/+18
* There are a lot of small changes. Check the changelogs in the downloads scruggsj2006-03-144-37/+56
* * Fixed an oops with the xorg7 patch. :$ Sorry about that.scruggsj2006-03-122-4/+4
* * Added xorg patch again and took out the symlinkscruggsj2006-03-125-24/+36
* I took out the need for the patch and replaced it with a symlink line. There ...scruggsj2006-03-116-76/+24
* fixed another error for freenx.scruggsj2006-03-112-4/+4
* fixed the work dir for freenx.scruggsj2006-03-112-8/+8
* changed some dependencies and added the ebuild for snapshot 7.scruggsj2006-03-113-5/+5
* Added back nxproxy.\n added ebuild for nxesd.\n took out nxesd stuff from the...scruggsj2006-03-103-12/+11
* Added ebuild for the new snapshot 5 of FreeNXscruggsj2006-03-094-16/+11
* Changelog:scruggsj2006-03-0811-0/+428
* Changlog:scruggsj2006-03-0811-436/+0
* Changelog:scruggsj2006-03-0711-0/+436
* Changelog:scruggsj2006-03-0711-508/+0
* Changelog:scruggsj2006-03-0711-0/+508
* svn path=/testing/; revision=9scruggsj2006-03-076-158/+0
* FreeNX versions 0.4.5 and 0.5.0 are not officially released yet, so version 0...scruggsj2006-03-076-0/+158