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The term "new-style virtual" is not used in the spec, so we need not explain it in the glossary. Signed-off-by: Ulrich Müller <>
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@@ -78,6 +78,10 @@ in mind when handling dependencies.
Old-style virtuals were supported by EAPIs \t{0}, \t{1}, \t{2}, \t{3} and \t{4}. They were phased
out via GLEP 37~\cite{Glep37} and finally removed in 2011.
+\note{A `new-style virtual' is a normal package that installs no files and uses its dependency
+requirements to pull in a `provider'. This does not require any special handling from the package
\subsection{EAPI parsing}
The method to specify the EAPI of an ebuild used to be a shell variable assignment, and the package
manager had to source the ebuild in order to determine the EAPI\@. Therefore any ebuild using
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@@ -7,10 +7,6 @@ be immediately obvious.
\item[qualified package name] A package name along with its associated category. For example,
\t{app-editors/vim} is a qualified package name.
-\item[new-style virtual] A new-style virtual is a normal package in the \t{virtual} category which
- installs no files and uses its dependency requirements to pull in a `provider'. Historically,
- old-style virtuals required special handling from the package manager; new-style virtuals do
- not.
\item[stand-alone repository] An (ebuild) repository which is intended to function on its own as the
only, or primary, repository on a system. Contrast with \i{slave repository} below.
\item[slave repository, non-stand-alone repository] An (ebuild) repository which is not complete