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* Turn default recipient to root (issue #8)Sebastian Pipping2017-02-191-2/+4
* Turn default recipient to root@localhost (issue #8)Sebastian Pipping2017-02-181-1/+2
* Make mail from configurable through ${FROM} (issue #7)Sebastian Pipping2017-02-181-0/+3
* update porticron.conf, use eix-diff instead of eix-sync -d.Wang Bin2014-10-211-1/+1
* Make subject format a configuration optionRainer Müller2013-10-081-0/+8
* Duplicate notification e-mails are now not sent.Nao Nakashima2011-03-051-0/+3
* add overlay sync supportVille Mattila2009-01-251-0/+6
* make sendmail configurable and use sane defaultv0.2.1Benedikt Böhm2008-11-231-0/+3
* consistencyBenedikt Böhm2008-10-311-1/+1
* gentoo bug #244873 - config file supportBenedikt Böhm2008-10-311-0/+17