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parentbetter vm86 support - added iret - fixed push/pop fs/gs (diff)
better vm86 support
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+- fix thread locks
+- fix thread stack liberation
+- fix x86 stack allocation
- optimize translated cache chaining (DLL PLT-like system)
- more syscalls (in particular all 64 bit ones, IPCs, fix 64 bit
issues, fix 16 bit uid issues)
- finish signal handing (fp87 state, more siginfo conversions)
- verify thread support (clone() and various locks)
-- vm86 syscall support
- overrides/16bit for string ops
- make it self runnable (use same trick as : include its own relocator and libc)
-- improved 16 bit support
- fix FPU exceptions (in particular: gen_op_fpush not before mem load)