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-- fix gcc 2.96 compile bug
-- fix thread locks
-- optimize translated cache chaining (DLL PLT-like system)
+- fix iret/lret/fpush not before mem load restarting
+- fix all remaining thread lock issues (must put TBs in a specific invalid
+ state, find a solution for tb_flush()).
+- handle fp87 state in signals
+- add gcc 2.96 test configure (some gcc3 flags are needed)
+- optimize FPU operations (evaluate x87 stack pointer statically)
+- add IPC syscalls
+- submit a patch to fix DOSEMU coopthreads
+lower priority:
+- handle rare page fault cases (in particular if page fault in heplers or
+ in syscall emulation code).
- fix thread stack freeing (use kernel 2.5.x CLONE_CHILD_CLEARTID)
-- fix x86 stack allocation
-- fix iret/lret restarting
- more syscalls (in particular all 64 bit ones, IPCs, fix 64 bit
issues, fix 16 bit uid issues)
-- finish signal handing (fp87 state, more siginfo conversions)
-- fix FPU exceptions (in particular: gen_op_fpush not before mem load)
-- handle self-modifying code (track mmap and mark all pages containing
- translated code as readonly. use a custom signal handler to flush
- parts of the translation cache if write access to a readonly page
- containing translated code).
-- use gcc to compile to static code
+- use page_unprotect_range in every suitable syscall to handle all
+ cases of self modifying code.
+- use gcc as a backend to generate better code (easy to do by using
+ op-i386.c operations as local inline functions).
+- add SSE2/MMX operations