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parentQemu's internal TFTP server breaks lock-step-iness of TFTP (diff)
Update SeaBIOS to 0.5.1
- 5da6833 Update version to 0.5.1 - 669c991 Fix sign error preventing incorrect memory over 4gig calculation. - 7e6bd3e Minor - better indent assembler in int1587. - 48cf232 Add comment explaining why mptable is in low memory. - 643062f Add int1589 support. - 085debd Set FDPT in irq table even for small drives. - 7c1b186 Reduce #ifs by weeding out some cross-chunk function definitions. - f9b25d3 Fix vgahook sign issue; add warning to build to catch future cases. - 3862b2d vgabios: Fix compile error due to fixed prototypes. - 1ca05b0 Be sure to add "void" to all function prototypes that take no args. - b5bb9db mptable: Reset pinmask on new bus or device. - 8918989 Detect latest FC12 gcc -combine breakage. - c9d3c2d Minor vga binary cleanups. - 9a8609f Make MTRR region 0xc0000-0x100000 be cached. - fdca418 Force a link error if a function is used from the wrong code chunk. - dad41d9 Add __noreturn define for __attribute__((noreturn)). - c003148 Implement native 32bit APM support. - 5c99b6c Commit compiled dsdt file; misc comment updates. - 29f4b91 prevent acpi from rerouting SCI interrupt - 4c94b7e enumerate all PCI buses in mptable - 871e0a0 Add support for 32bit PCI BIOS entry. - eda2c83 Only add "addr32" to memory accesses that require them. - 52a300f Introduce MODESEGMENT define; rename VISIBLE32 to VISIBLE32FLAT. - fe2c3ee Allocate smbios in temp space and copy into final location. - b164d2c Clear user reserved interrupts (0x60-0x66). - d9104ff Remove pci_bios_bigmem_addr; set pci_bios_mem_addr=0xe0000000 - 14021f2 Add initial support for ATA DMA. - 8362699 Allocate mptable in temp space and copy into final location. - 979862e Also report memory over 4G during init. - 928d4df provide correct pci routing information in mptable - afc02da Add symbolic definitions for MTRR code. - fb214dc Fix yield() so it works from boot code. - 2ceeec9 Fix potential build failure due to text16 section being too large. - a2195e4 Increase version in preparation for next release. Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>
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