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authorBlue Swirl <>2009-09-12 07:36:22 +0000
committerBlue Swirl <>2009-09-12 07:36:22 +0000
commit72cf2d4f0e181d0d3a3122e04129c58a95da713e (patch)
tree4d13c505a692104406090e94dd654fd1e98ec34e /cpu-exec.c
parentTry to fix BSD breakage by 806b60248218bd5f74a8b070f5a99a864e8e51c6 (diff)
Fix sys-queue.h conflict for good
Problem: Our file sys-queue.h is a copy of the BSD file, but there are some additions and it's not entirely compatible. Because of that, there have been conflicts with system headers on BSD systems. Some hacks have been introduced in the commits 15cc9235840a22c289edbe064a9b3c19c5f49896, f40d753718c72693c5f520f0d9899f6e50395e94, 96555a96d724016e13190b28cffa3bc929ac60dc and 3990d09adf4463eca200ad964cc55643c33feb50 but the fixes were fragile. Solution: Avoid the conflict entirely by renaming the functions and the file. Revert the previous hacks. Signed-off-by: Blue Swirl <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/cpu-exec.c b/cpu-exec.c
index bf20ada1a..8aa92c785 100644
--- a/cpu-exec.c
+++ b/cpu-exec.c
@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ static void cpu_handle_debug_exception(CPUState *env)
CPUWatchpoint *wp;
if (!env->watchpoint_hit)
- TAILQ_FOREACH(wp, &env->watchpoints, entry)
+ QTAILQ_FOREACH(wp, &env->watchpoints, entry)
wp->flags &= ~BP_WATCHPOINT_HIT;
if (debug_excp_handler)