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authorAvi Kivity <>2009-10-05 18:10:19 +0200
committerAvi Kivity <>2009-10-05 18:10:19 +0200
commitc0923d5a5d3a5ee9134909cdd82578de45cb93a0 (patch)
tree9869220dcc21f42c6228b52799a06d1d33fd10c6 /gdbstub.c
parentksm support (diff)
parentvga: move back dirty_log functions to vga.c (diff)
Merge commit '50af324697cb91d3e7a820e2b94ee0237c0103e2' into upstream-merge
* commit '50af324697cb91d3e7a820e2b94ee0237c0103e2': (48 commits) vga: move back dirty_log functions to vga.c cirrus_vga: also assign gr0/1 when writting shadow_gr0/1 Revert "eepro100: Remove unused device status entries" target-i386: Fix exceptions for fxsave/fxrstor tcg: allocate s->op_dead_iargs dynamically tcg: remove dead code bsd-user: fix "#if 0"'d printf() eepro100: Add more i825xx devices eepro100: Remove unused device status entries target-i386: add RDTSCP support target-i386: add SSE4a instruction support target-i386: add lock mov cr0 = cr8 tcg/i386: add support for ext{8,16}u_i32 TCG ops tcg/x86_64: add support for ext{8,16,32}u_i{32,64} TCG ops tcg: add ext{8,16,32}u_i{32,64} TCG ops linux-user: fix "#if 0"'d printf() Check availability of uuid header / library hw/omap_dma: add matching {} in if 0 oss/alsa: Do not invoke UB described in (this time for ADC) libuser is a generated directory ... Signed-off-by: Avi Kivity <>
Diffstat (limited to 'gdbstub.c')
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/gdbstub.c b/gdbstub.c
index a33aba037..ecf98c343 100644
--- a/gdbstub.c
+++ b/gdbstub.c
@@ -1314,7 +1314,7 @@ static int cpu_gdb_read_register(CPUState *env, uint8_t *mem_buf, int n)
else if (n<63) {
uint64_t val;
- val=*((uint64_t *)&env->fir[n-32]);
+ val = *((uint64_t *)&env->fir[n-32]);
else if (n==63) {