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parentMerge commit '299e0bc52a5d56ff89ad8d7d09c82233cd8ccb6a' into stable-0.12-merge (diff)
parentMerge remote branch 'qemu-kvm/uq/stable-0.12' into stable-0.12 (diff)
Merge commit '6173d56bdcb53389c54e803873e6bf8f87836a4f' into stable-0.12-merge
* commit '6173d56bdcb53389c54e803873e6bf8f87836a4f': (27 commits) Update version and change for 0.12.3 release qcow2: Fix access after end of array ide save/restore pio/atapi cmd transfer fields and io buffer net: Monitor command set_link finds only VLAN clients, fix net: info network shows only VLAN clients, fix net: net_check_clients() checks only VLAN clients, fix net: Fix bogus "Warning: vlan 0 with no nics" with -device net: net_check_clients() runs too early to see -device, fix net: Remove unused net_client_uninit() don't dereference NULL after failed strdup virtio-net: fix network stall under load json: fix PRId64 on Win32 fix inet_parse typo iothread: fix vcpu stop with smp tcg segfault due to buffer overrun in usb-serial qcow2: Fix signedness bugs Do not ignore error, if open file failed (-serial /dev/tty) pc-bios: update to newer version of (stable) seabios kvm: Fix eflags corruption in kvm mode target-mips: fix ROTR and DROTR by zero ... Signed-off-by: Marcelo Tosatti <> modified: net/slirp.c
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