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This should have been added in Gerd's previous commit.
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+PCI IDs for qemu
+Red Hat, Inc. donates a part of its device ID range to qemu, to be used for
+virtual devices. The vendor ID is 1af4 (formerly Qumranet ID).
+The 1000 -> 10ff device ID range is used for VirtIO devices.
+The 1100 device ID is used as PCI Subsystem ID for existing hardware
+devices emulated by qemu.
+All other device IDs are reserved.
+VirtIO Device IDs
+1af4:1000 network device
+1af4:1001 block device
+1af4:1002 balloon device
+1af4:1003 Reserved.
+ to Contact Gerd Hoffmann <> to get a
+1af4:10ef device ID assigned for your new virtio device.
+1af4:10f0 Available for experimental usage without registration. Must get
+ to official ID when the code leaves the test lab (i.e. when seeking
+1af4:10ff upstream merge or shipping a distro/product) to avoid conflicts.