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parentqemu-kvm: virtio: Do not register mask notifiers without in-kernel irqchip su... (diff)
parentupdate VERSION for v1.1.1 (diff)
Merge tag 'v1.1.1' into stable-1.1
* tag 'v1.1.1': (34 commits) update VERSION for v1.1.1 s390x: fix s390 virtio aliases rtl8139: validate rx ring before receiving packets ahci: SATA FIS is 20 bytes, not 0x20 qemu-img: document qed format on qemu-img man page virtio: Fix compiler warning for non Linux hosts sheepdog: fix return value of do_load_save_vm_state qemu/xendisk: set maximum number of grants to be used build: install qmp-commands.txt fdc: fix implied seek while there is no media in drive qcow2: fix autoclear image header update Prevent disk data loss when closing qemu qcow2: fix endianness conversion pci_bridge_dev: fix error path in pci_bridge_dev_initfn() qdev: release parent properties on dc->init failure intel-hda: Fix reset of MSI function ahci: Fix reset of MSI function rtl8139: honor RxOverflow flag in can_receive method configure: Fix build for some versions of glibc (9pfs) monitor: Fix memory leak with readline completion ... Signed-off-by: Avi Kivity <>
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