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* linux-user: strace now handles guest stringscorrectly [v2]Riku Voipio2009-06-191-1/+0
* linux-user: strace now handles guest strings correctly [v2]Mika Westerberg2009-06-161-18/+1054
* Use the ARRAY_SIZE() macro where appropriate.malc2008-12-221-1/+1
* Remove unnecessary trailing newlinesblueswir12008-12-131-1/+0
* Fix warning about unused functionblueswir12008-10-031-0/+2
* Silence some warnings about uninitialized variablesblueswir12008-09-301-2/+2
* Fix warnings that would be caused by gcc flag -Wwrite-stringsblueswir12008-09-141-14/+15
* Strace fallback for unknown syscalls.pbrook2008-05-291-1/+2
* printf format fixbellard2007-11-141-1/+3
* hex numbers must have a leading 0xbellard2007-11-111-3/+3
* use correct typesbellard2007-11-111-32/+38
* Linux user memory access API change (initial patch by Thayne Harbaugh)bellard2007-11-111-16/+17
* Fix some compiler warnings.ths2007-11-031-1/+6
* Add new files fir strace support, missed in earlier commit.ths2007-11-011-0/+299