Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Update OpenBIOS images to r577Aurelien Jarno2009-09-111-0/+0
* Update OpenBIOS images to r569Blue Swirl2009-08-281-0/+0
* Update OpenBIOS images to r505Blue Swirl2009-07-051-0/+0
* Update OpenBIOS images to r482blueswir12009-03-311-0/+0
* Use firmware configuration instead of NVRAM (initial patch by Aurelien Jarno)blueswir12009-03-081-0/+0
* Update to OpenBIOS 1.0blueswir12009-03-011-0/+0
* Switch Mac99 to OpenBIOSblueswir12009-02-081-0/+0
* Update openbios-ppc to revision 418aurel322009-01-181-0/+0
* Update OpenBIOS PowerPC image to revision 406aurel322009-01-141-0/+0
* Update openbios-ppc to revision 373aurel322009-01-091-0/+0
* target-ppc: add an openbios-ppc imageaurel322009-01-091-0/+0