Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* qemu-sockets: avoid strlen of NULL pointerJens Osterkamp2010-07-201-1/+2
* fix inet_parse typoMarcelo Tosatti2010-02-231-4/+4
* Don't leak file descriptorsKevin Wolf2009-12-031-5/+5
* Add 'static'Blue Swirl2009-09-121-1/+1
* Fix sys-queue.h conflict for goodBlue Swirl2009-09-121-1/+1
* convert udp chardev to QemuOpts.Gerd Hoffmann2009-09-111-0/+114
* sockets: add inet_listen_optsGerd Hoffmann2009-09-111-55/+48
* sockets: add inet_connect_optsGerd Hoffmann2009-09-111-33/+96
* sockets: add unix_*_opts for windows.Gerd Hoffmann2009-09-111-0/+12
* sockets: add unix_listen_optsGerd Hoffmann2009-09-111-14/+33
* sockets: add unix_connect_optsGerd Hoffmann2009-09-111-1/+33
* Fix in file qemu-sockets.cvibi2009-05-081-30/+32
* Fix some more warningsblueswir12009-01-141-1/+1
* Use qemu_isfoobar and qemu_towombat versions, based on patch by Christoph Eggerblueswir12008-11-221-2/+3
* copyright & license for qemu_sockets.c (Gerd Hoffman)aliguori2008-11-131-0/+14
* sockets: helper functions for qemu (Gerd Hoffman)aliguori2008-11-111-0/+400