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masterAdd support for search type in search patternMagnus Granberg37 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
37 hoursAdd support for search type in search patternHEADmasterMagnus Granberg3-56/+46
37 hoursAdd support for more LocalWorkersMagnus Granberg9-109/+85
5 dayscheck repository_linkname symalink in LocalWorkersMagnus Granberg1-1/+7
6 daysRemove project_repository_uuid from db. use int for datetime in db. change mi...Magnus Granberg8-34/+22
7 daysMove repo update to new builder and change git_changeMagnus Granberg8-185/+292
9 daysAdd support for Failed to XX in emerge buildMagnus Granberg6-25/+85
14 daysAdd support for --depcleanMagnus Granberg2-25/+67
2021-04-04Add support for Change USE, one use onlyMagnus Granberg3-7/+54
2021-04-04Add build log sammaryMagnus Granberg2-7/+30
2021-04-04Don't collaps buildsMagnus Granberg1-0/+6