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* New ebuild for pjsip-, package changed a lot since 0.5.6.Angelo Arrifano2007-09-015-0/+411
* xmldiff commited to main treeSantiago M. Mola2007-06-283-100/+10
* Move to Manifest2, maybe I broke some ancient asterisk packages which are no ...Santiago M. Mola2007-06-043-33/+0
* Update ChangeLogStefan Knoblich2006-06-282-4/+10
* Version bump pjsip to 0.5.6, added code to convert static libs to dynamic one...Stefan Knoblich2006-06-273-1/+117
* Update ChangeLogStefan Knoblich2006-06-251-2/+23
* Update ChangeLogStefan Knoblich2006-06-182-19/+24
* fix for stun.o being added multiple times to libpjlib-util.a, prevents relink...Stefan Knoblich2006-06-183-4/+23
* Add -fPIC to cflags to build pjsip libs without text relocations.Stefan Knoblich2006-06-182-5/+7
* Add pjsip- Knoblich2006-06-186-0/+212