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* Add php to metadata.xmlJakub Moc2008-02-192-1/+2
* dev-php/PEAR-Structures_Graph: New ebuild, dependency for www-apps/phpusertrackJakub Moc2008-02-194-0/+29
* Add php to metadata.xmlJakub Moc2008-02-192-1/+2
* dev-php/PEAR-Net_GeoIP: New ebuild, optional dependency for www-apps/phpusert...Jakub Moc2008-02-194-0/+31
* False assumption on php libsGunnar Wrobel2006-02-2512-104/+0
* Added phpmailer libraryGunnar Wrobel2006-02-233-0/+38
* Added PEAR-ConfigGunnar Wrobel2006-02-223-0/+16
* Added PEAR-Net_LDAPGunnar Wrobel2006-02-223-0/+16
* Added a php library for reading excel files.Gunnar Wrobel2006-02-223-0/+34