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+Xen Patches README
+These patches are intended to be stacked on top of genpatches-base.
+Many of the patches included here are swiped from various sources which
+use their own four digit patch numbering scheme, so we are stuck with five
+digits to indiciate the source for easier tracking and re-syncing.
+0xxxx Gentoo, not related to Xen. (in case we pull something from extras)
+1xxxx XenSource, upstream Xen patch for 2.6.18
+2xxxx Redhat, we use their Xen patch for >=2.6.20
+3xxxx Debian, we use their security fixes for 2.6.18
+5xxxx Gentoo, Xen and other fixes for Redhat and/or Debian patches.
+ -> since genpatches stops at
+ Main Xen patch.
+ Various bug-fix patches from Redhat.
+ [SECURITY] Zero extend all registers after ptrace in 32-bit entry path
+ (Xen).
+ See CVE-2007-4573
+ Fix for kernels compiled with CONFIG_HIGHPTE.
+ Pulled from linux-2.6.18-xen.hg, changeset e79729740288.
+ Handle make install in a semi-sane way that plays nice with
+ split domU/dom0 kernels.
+ Compile fix for non-SMP (UP) kernels. Since UP support is broken in
+ upstream Xen I'm not sure if I trust it or not. :-P
+ Steal tty1-63 as the upstream Xen release does so people don't get
+ any supprises. Redhat switched to using the special Xen tty device.
+ Another compile fix for non-SMP (UP) kernels.
+ Fix a function re-definition error when PAE is not enabled.
+ Issue only one big fat tls warning as upstream xen does.
+ Change tls warning instructions to apply directly to Gentoo.
+ Remove some apparently bogus code that was added in the 2.6.21 rebase.