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* Stop extending PortageTree and use singleton insteadSteve Dibb2010-02-031-2/+1
* add comments; cleanup; cosmeticsSteve Dibb2010-01-051-1/+6
* Much more flexibliity on importing package masks, should be self-healing nowSteve Dibb2010-01-051-111/+139
* support statusSteve Dibb2010-01-041-28/+28
* only update package masks if package.mask filemtime has changedSteve Dibb2010-01-021-118/+124
* check for debugging optionsSteve Dibb2009-12-241-11/+13
* updatesSteve Dibb2009-12-181-4/+4
* initial commitSteve Dibb2009-12-151-0/+163