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+POCO, the C++ Portable Components, is a collection of open source
+C++ class libraries that simplify and accelerate the development of
+network-centric, portable applications in C++. The libraries integrate
+perfectly with the C++ Standard Library and fill many of the functional
+gaps left open by it. Their modular and efficient design and implementation
+makes the C++ Portable Components extremely well suited for embedded
+development, an area where the C++ programming language is becoming
+increasingly popular, due to its suitability for both low-level (device
+I/O, interrupt handlers, etc.) and high-level object-oriented development.
+Of course, POCO is also ready for enterprise-level challenges.
+The POCO libraries free developers from re-inventing the wheel, and allow
+them to spend their time on more worthwhile areas, such as getting things
+done quickly and working on the features that make their application unique.