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* Added ~arm keywordMichael Weber2010-09-291-3/+3
* Remove virtual/libcPatrick Lauer2009-09-231-3/+3
* Remove old ebuilds and fix multilib issues in remaining versions.Robin H. Johnson2008-11-071-5/+5
* Add ~ppc64.Robin H. Johnson2008-02-271-3/+3
* amd64 stableSteve Dibb2007-08-251-3/+3
* Stable on Alpha.Bryan Ƙstergaard2006-10-201-2/+2
* Stable for hppa (bug #123460).Jeroen Roovers2006-06-141-2/+2
* Stable on SPARC wrt bug #123462.Jason Wever2006-05-131-2/+2
* Stable on x86; bug #131014Mark Loeser2006-04-291-2/+2
* Stable on ppc. bug 123462Gysbert Wassenaar2006-04-221-2/+2
* Version bump for bigendian fixes, and upstream added more testcases for them ...Robin H. Johnson2006-04-221-0/+50