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* Add github to remote-id in metadata.xmlJustin Lecher2015-06-073-18/+24
* Fix TypoJustin Lecher2015-04-072-17/+17
* Version BUmp, bug #544770; fix version string for lz4 dep to compatible versi...Justin Lecher2015-04-026-13/+106
* x86 stable, bug 540290Pacho Ramos2015-03-093-8/+11
* amd64 stable, bug 540290Pacho Ramos2015-03-063-22/+13
* Readd old version for dev-python/blzJustin Lecher2015-02-173-16/+65
* Drop oldJustin Lecher2015-02-174-58/+30
* amd64/x86 stable, bug #531740Pacho Ramos2015-02-163-10/+13
* Using sub-slotted depsSebastien Fabbro2014-06-273-8/+21
* Version bumpSebastien Fabbro2014-04-144-17/+54
* Add minimal docsSebastien Fabbro2014-02-103-7/+11
* Fixed use flagsSebastien Fabbro2014-02-063-7/+11
* Initial importSebastien Fabbro2014-02-064-1/+93
* Initial importSebastien Fabbro2014-02-062-0/+13