Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Use insopts -p to preserve timestamps for bug 551486.Zac Medico2015-06-101-20/+8
* Add github to remote-id in metadata.xmlJustin Lecher2015-06-061-7/+19
* Fix broken Manifest.Zac Medico2015-05-181-1/+11
* Add dev-go category.Zac Medico2015-05-181-11/+1
* 0_p20150422 version bumpZac Medico2015-05-131-16/+6
* Fix installation location as needed for sys-fs/go-mtpfs, bug #541274. Part of...Michał Górny2015-05-111-5/+17
* Bumb revision for bug 541284, for anyone who may have it installed in the wro...Zac Medico2015-02-241-5/+5
* Install in src instead of src/pkg for go-1.4. Thanks to William Hubbs <willia...Zac Medico2015-02-241-5/+5
* Use tar.gz instead of zip, so there's no need for app-arch/unzip in DEPEND.Zac Medico2014-10-191-6/+6
* Add snapshot ebuild, including workaround for bug #503324.Zac Medico2014-10-151-16/+8
* fix for bug #515548, depend on go-1.3Richard Farina2014-06-281-15/+15
* fix for bug 503324Richard Farina2014-06-131-15/+15
* remove unneeded inherit and comment linesRichard Farina2013-10-211-15/+15
* I have no clue why, but this is how it wants to be installedRichard Farina2013-10-211-15/+15
* go-fuse initial commit. installs everything, likely improperly. addings as a...Richard Farina2013-10-211-0/+23