Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Marked ~ppc/~ppc64 wrt #342513Kacper Kowalik2011-02-201-12/+2
* Marked ~ppc/~ppc64 wrt #342513Kacper Kowalik2011-02-202-5/+9
* Set LC_ALL to C in src_configure, bug #347798 by Priit Laes (IRC: plaes) <pla...Alexis Ballier2010-12-153-7/+17
* Update the config files for better prefix support, by Fabian Groffen <grobian...Alexis Ballier2010-12-023-9/+14
* add ~arm, bug #342513Markus Meier2010-11-011-5/+5
* add ~arm, bug #342513Markus Meier2010-11-012-3/+7
* add ~x86, bug 342513Christian Faulhammer2010-10-251-2/+12
* add ~x86, bug 342513Christian Faulhammer2010-10-252-3/+7
* Marked ~hppa (bug #342513).Jeroen Roovers2010-10-251-12/+2
* Marked ~hppa (bug #342513).Jeroen Roovers2010-10-252-3/+7
* Run temxf-update since we install texmf filesAlexis Ballier2010-10-243-7/+19
* Initial import. Ebuild by me, split out of texlive-core for TeX Live 2010.Alexis Ballier2010-10-234-0/+120