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* Add github to remote-id in metadata.xmlJustin Lecher2015-06-063-16/+32
* amd64/x86 stable wrt bug #513442Mikle Kolyada2014-07-113-12/+13
* Revbump, fix multilib issues (respect libdir). Bug #513282.Maxim Koltsov2014-06-163-8/+47
* x86 stable wrt bug #500914Mikle Kolyada2014-04-033-10/+13
* amd64 stable wrt bug #500914Mikle Kolyada2014-04-023-13/+16
* Version bump, thanks to 0xd34df00d. Drop oldMikle Kolyada2013-09-303-12/+16
* Do not build tests as it needs to be done in other phase function and additio...Sergey Popov2013-08-213-11/+21
* Add dev-libs/kqoauth-0.97Maxim Koltsov2013-05-223-1/+48
* Add dev-libs/kqoauth-0.97Maxim Koltsov2013-05-222-0/+12