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* Real working G510 support now, so my keyboard works. See also the libg15rende...Robin H. Johnson2012-10-121-0/+100
* Remove all old-style digests from the system and regen the Manifest files.Robin H. Johnson2008-01-314-12/+0
* Version bumpMarkus Ullmann2008-01-051-0/+3
* Version bump. Adds support for the second revision (amber LCD & backlight). T...Tony Vroon2007-12-191-0/+3
* Version bump and drop of old versionRobert Buchholz2007-03-112-3/+3
* removing old versionRobert Buchholz2007-01-021-3/+0
* Version bumpRobert Buchholz2006-12-301-0/+3
* Version bump and drop oldMarkus Ullmann2006-12-181-3/+0
* Version bump and drop oldMarkus Ullmann2006-12-181-0/+3
* Version bumpMarkus Ullmann2006-11-131-3/+0
* Version bumpMarkus Ullmann2006-11-131-0/+3
* Version bumpMarkus Ullmann2006-10-311-0/+3
* Needed dep for upcoming lcdproc-0.5.1, thanks to Alessio Cassibba ( related b...Markus Ullmann2006-10-041-0/+3