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* Drop IUSE=doc and gtk-doc support. If the gnome team wants to fix it, they ar...Mike Gilbert2015-07-241-1/+5
* Make the doc USE flag do something.Mike Gilbert2015-07-241-1/+4
* Remove duplicate dep on gobject-introspection.Mike Gilbert2015-07-241-1/+4
* Add gobject-introspection dependency, as it was in sys-fs/udev package. Bug #...Maxim Koltsov2015-07-231-1/+5
* Copy ~hppa keyword from udev, bug 554406.Mike Gilbert2015-07-101-1/+4
* Keyword ~mips.Anthony G. Basile2015-07-101-1/+4
* Only enable introspection for the native abi.Mike Gilbert2015-06-101-1/+4
* Add gnome herd, as discussed with floppymAlexandre Rostovtsev2015-06-101-1/+4
* Add static-libs support.Mike Gilbert2015-06-101-1/+4
* Add blockers on eudev udev and systemd.Mike Gilbert2015-06-101-1/+4
* New package, forked from systemd.Mike Gilbert2015-06-101-0/+9