Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Revbump for multilib fix.Michael Weber2015-06-093-9/+13
* Drop CFLAGS=-gMichael Weber2015-03-223-8/+12
* Version bump (bug 543846).Michael Weber2015-03-228-266/+56
* Re-add keywords, bug 529594 was due a skipped cvs commit.Michael Weber2014-11-184-6/+51
* Remove keywords until weirdness is fixed #529594Patrick Lauer2014-11-173-5/+8
* Bump for dependencies of www-client/netsurfPatrick Lauer2014-11-173-24/+36
* Update dependencies to require guaranteed EAPI=5 or multilib ebuilds, bug #51...Michał Górny2014-06-183-25/+29
* Update to use proper multilib deps.Michał Górny2014-06-173-19/+31
* Migrate to netsurf.eclassMichael Weber2013-06-233-139/+11
* Version bump (bug 470720), multilib build, preparations for netsurf eclass.Michael Weber2013-06-175-105/+199
* netsurf eclass preparation.Michael Weber2013-02-284-47/+80
* Add use flags sdl, vnx, xcb (thanks, bug 458978). Restore cro...Michael Weber2013-02-275-39/+103
* Version bump to netsurf-2.9 tarball, drop oldMichael Weber2012-07-185-16/+148
* fix version informationMichael Weber2012-07-183-8/+14
* Initial importMichael Weber2012-07-185-0/+170