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* stable on ppc64Tom Gall2005-12-011-1/+4
* Bumped version, added to ~ppc64.Michael Hanselmann2005-09-041-1/+6
* Added ~amd64 keyword.Andrej Kacian2005-07-121-1/+4
* Stable on ppc.Michael Hanselmann2005-04-241-1/+4
* New version of libowfat (0.22)Michael Hanselmann2005-04-041-2/+7
* update copyright line: Gentoo Technologies => Gentoo FoundationAron Griffis2004-06-241-2/+2
* version bump and remove old versionDaniel Black2004-05-071-1/+7
* QA - removed surperflous S assignment. Added missing IUSE. Marked stable on x...Daniel Black2004-03-231-1/+6
* added ~ppc and ~sparc. Should of previously as it was a version bump.Daniel Black2004-02-031-1/+5
* version bumpDaniel Black2004-02-031-2/+9
* Version bumped.Martin Holzer2003-07-011-1/+6
* Update Copyright yearsMike Frysinger2003-02-121-2/+2
* fixed broken ChangeLog entriesMaik Schreiber2002-12-131-3/+2
* 12-08-02 Keyword remove sparc64 Rodney Rees manson@gentoo.orgRodney Rees2002-12-091-1/+4
* new releaseDaniel Robbins2002-12-021-4/+7
* Header fix - the big one. sorry folksThilo Bangert2002-04-271-1/+1
* libowfat - gpl version of djbernsteins libraries - by felix von leitner.Thilo Bangert2002-04-161-0/+9