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* Add github to remote-id in metadata.xmlJustin Lecher2015-06-073-14/+32
* Bump, fixes bug 523302 - dev-libs/mathjax-2.4 bump requestMark Wright2014-11-264-20/+72
* drop maintainershipJulian Ospald2014-11-253-19/+23
* Mark arm stable.Mike Frysinger2014-02-163-11/+24
* ~ppc and ~ppc64 keywords added, bug #481722Vicente Olivert Riera2013-09-263-8/+11
* add ~arm, bug #481722Markus Meier2013-09-153-19/+12
* Stable for amd64, wrt bug #474410Agostino Sarubbo2013-06-253-18/+21
* Stable for x86, wrt bug #474410Agostino Sarubbo2013-06-253-13/+22
* version bump wrt #473152Julian Ospald2013-06-133-6/+72
* importing older changelog from original overlaySebastien Fabbro2013-02-212-10/+12
* set correct maintainerJulian Ospald2013-02-173-12/+17
* initial importJulian Ospald2013-02-163-2/+88
* initial importJulian Ospald2013-02-162-0/+14