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* BumpPatrick Lauer2014-07-113-3/+42
* Small fix to src_installPatrick Lauer2013-05-153-4/+11
* BumpPatrick Lauer2013-05-154-29/+45
* Update LICENSE, duplicate of Sleepycat, bug 300426; thanks to angelos for poi...Ulrich Müller2012-11-254-12/+38
* whitespaceMichael Sterrett2012-10-231-1/+1
* whitespaceMichael Sterrett2012-10-231-2/+1
* BumpPatrick Lauer2012-10-223-2/+37
* whitespaceMichael Sterrett2012-08-222-3/+3
* Removing amd64 keyword, upstream doesn't have full support yetPatrick Lauer2012-08-223-5/+8
* Initial import, ebuild by me. Dependency of Opendylan on x86Patrick Lauer2012-08-224-0/+58