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* Add live ebuild #549204Patrick Lauer2015-05-133-3/+45
* Bump #533754Patrick Lauer2014-12-293-3/+39
* BumpPatrick Lauer2013-10-134-6/+43
* Clean out oldPatrick Lauer2012-11-136-146/+7
* Bump, works a lot better nowPatrick Lauer2012-11-123-3/+39
* Change manifest to new hashes.Jeff Horelick2012-07-051-13/+13
* Fix typoRichard Yao2012-06-113-5/+8
* keyword ~amd64-fbsd, fix clang build failure (bug #420609)Richard Yao2012-06-114-19/+79
* Remove <herd>no-herd</herd>.Michał Górny2011-09-231-1/+13
* Remove <herd>no-herd</herd>.Michał Górny2011-09-231-1/+0
* BumpPatrick Lauer2011-04-043-2/+37
* BumpPatrick Lauer2011-01-163-3/+45
* BumpPatrick Lauer2010-11-243-2/+44
* BumpPatrick Lauer2010-08-303-2/+44
* Fixing URI to be less hardcodedPatrick Lauer2010-06-043-6/+14
* Initial commit of pcc support libs, ebuild by mePatrick Lauer2010-06-044-0/+53