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* go to the correct directory in src_unpack(), so epatch actually worksChristian Faulhammer2007-11-053-13/+17
* remove all warning CFLAGS as they can hinder successful compilation, see bugs...Christian Faulhammer2007-11-044-13/+83
* Mark ~amd64 for bug #195986Olivier Crête2007-11-033-11/+24
* Add ~sparc wrt #195986Raúl Porcel2007-10-233-11/+14
* Added ~ppc64; bug #195986Markus Rothe2007-10-163-21/+14
* src_compile removed, it has been the default definition anyway[2~Christian Faulhammer2007-10-153-18/+16
* initial commit for bug 118517; taken from SunriseChristian Faulhammer2007-10-154-0/+47
* Fix lib location, bug#195982, thanks to Jean KrohnAlon Bar-Lev2007-10-151-0/+26