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* Version bumpSebastien Fabbro2015-08-043-11/+17
* Added freeglut dependency, bug #516258Sebastien Fabbro2014-07-043-9/+12
* Version bumpSebastien Fabbro2014-06-209-313/+22
* Version bumpSebastien Fabbro2014-04-143-5/+96
* Version bump. Add opengl flag, documentation is now built, tests are run with...Sebastien Fabbro2014-01-073-37/+50
* Move Qt dependencies to the new categoryMarkos Chandras2013-03-024-16/+32
* Version bumpSebastien Fabbro2013-02-223-12/+29
* whitespaceMichael Sterrett2012-10-312-13/+2
* Version bumpSebastien Fabbro2012-10-304-13/+82
* Slot qt4 in preparation of qt5, allow cross-compilation with pkg-config, adde...Sebastien Fabbro2012-08-154-88/+21
* Version bumpSebastien Fabbro2012-08-159-9/+120
* Change manifest to new hashes.Jeff Horelick2012-07-051-23/+9
* Fix building with sys-devel/automake >= 1.12 wrt #423011Samuli Suominen2012-06-233-8/+20
* Added doc, examples, and gcc-plugin flags. Fixed a wrong autoconf macro when ...Sebastien Fabbro2012-05-315-12/+58
* Initial importSebastien Fabbro2012-05-308-0/+286