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* Big file removedAlfredo Tupone2015-01-074-49/+18
* Move Creative Commons licenses to shorter names.Ulrich Müller2013-02-073-14/+23
* stable x86 wrt #435896Julian Ospald2012-12-203-5/+22
* revert, it was a keywordreq for ppcAgostino Sarubbo2012-11-213-20/+8
* stable for amd64 wrt #435896 tested by Agostino SarubboJulian Ospald2012-09-263-16/+19
* Use doicon -s scalable instead of doins -s scalable wrt #421553 by Jaakko Per...Samuli Suominen2012-06-173-12/+16
* use new doicon functionalityJulian Ospald2012-06-053-13/+15
* remove dieJulian Ospald2012-06-021-8/+8
* remove dieJulian Ospald2012-06-021-3/+3
* bump to EAPI=4Julian Ospald2012-06-021-9/+9
* bump to EAPI=4Julian Ospald2012-06-022-3/+8
* relocate and enforce standard for .love filesJulian Ospald2012-05-213-12/+15
* initial commit wrt #407105Julian Ospald2012-05-175-0/+133