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* Regenerate digest in Manifest2 format.Chris Gianelloni2007-02-081-2/+5
* Stable on amd64.Marcus D. Hanwell2005-05-311-1/+4
* version bump (bug #85173); clean old versionMichael Sterrett2005-03-141-1/+6
* no clanlib for alpha and ppcMichael Sterrett2005-03-021-2/+5
* Marked ppc stable.Joseph Jezak2004-11-111-1/+4
* Added to ~ppcDavid Holm2004-08-031-1/+4
* update copyright line: Gentoo Technologies => Gentoo FoundationAron Griffis2004-06-241-2/+2
* Add ~alphaAron Griffis2004-04-291-1/+4
* don't rdepend on sed; tidyMichael Sterrett2004-03-241-2/+5
* initial ebuild #37666Mike Frysinger2004-01-181-0/+8