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* drop maintainershipJulian Ospald2014-11-253-25/+24
* Stable for x86, wrt bug #469726Agostino Sarubbo2013-05-203-14/+22
* Stable on amd64, wrt bug #469726Sergey Popov2013-05-143-14/+17
* fix compilation for --as-neededJulian Ospald2012-09-293-18/+26
* remove dieJulian Ospald2012-06-021-8/+8
* remove dieJulian Ospald2012-06-021-2/+2
* bump to EAPI=4Julian Ospald2012-06-021-9/+9
* bump to EAPI=4Julian Ospald2012-06-022-3/+6
* respect cmake-utils_src_compile which also gives us verbosityJulian Ospald2012-05-283-11/+18
* declare i localSamuli Suominen2012-05-172-9/+10
* respect FHSJulian Ospald2012-05-174-21/+35
* we want fetch not mirror restrictJulian Ospald2012-05-163-13/+23
* initial commit wrt #413907Julian Ospald2012-05-165-0/+188