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* Version bump, as requested by "Lumbrius" in bug #492360. Patches rediffed.Tony Vroon2013-12-085-22/+120
* Revision bump. Renaming the game binary for backwards compatibility was ill-a...Tony Vroon2011-06-073-5/+60
* Bump to new snapshot, as requested by Torsten Kaiser in bug #333011. Port to ...Tony Vroon2011-05-175-3/+108
* dev-util/subversion renamed to dev-vcs/subversion.Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis2010-06-223-7/+11
* Moved dev-util/mercurial to dev-vcs.Dirkjan Ochtman2010-03-062-14/+4
* Version bump; upstream switched from subversion to mercurial. The build syste...Tony Vroon2009-10-255-2/+107
* oldMichael Sterrett2009-09-253-85/+0
* New snapshot. Upstream added palette fading and made numerous cleanups.Tony Vroon2009-07-045-35/+41
* New snapshot, upstream has improved the loudness (music) code. Delete old ebu...Tony Vroon2009-04-234-17/+25
* Add ~x86 (#266229)Torsten Veller2009-04-153-8/+11
* Version bump to new snapshot.Tony Vroon2009-03-014-2/+93
* Marked ~ppc for bug #251579.Joseph Jezak2009-01-093-17/+10
* Initial commit, ebuild by me. Closes bug #223743. With thanks to Mr_Bones & n...Tony Vroon2008-12-125-0/+108