Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* EAPI 5Alfredo Tupone2015-01-053-18/+14
* Fix USE dependency on media-libs/libsdl, "audio" USE flag was renamed to "sou...Ulrich Müller2014-05-153-16/+27
* Fix underlink. Bug #369589Alfredo Tupone2011-06-204-5/+31
* oldMichael Sterrett2011-01-263-89/+0
* x86 stable, bug #350447Markus Meier2011-01-153-8/+11
* Stable on amd64 wrt bug #350447Markos Chandras2011-01-053-7/+20
* version bumpMichael Sterrett2010-11-304-2/+81
* oldMichael Sterrett2010-06-302-59/+0
* amd64/x86 stable, bug #322807Markus Meier2010-06-213-9/+12
* stable amd64, bug 316123Pacho Ramos2010-05-263-5/+18
* Don't try to look in pwd for a 'data' directory (bug #318005)Michael Sterrett2010-05-054-5/+34
* rev bump to make network support optionalMichael Sterrett2010-05-014-3/+65
* x86 stable wrt bug #316123Paweł Hajdan2010-04-273-5/+9
* whitespaceSamuli Suominen2010-03-192-3/+3
* Initial commit wrt #277520 by Sergei Danilov.Samuli Suominen2010-03-194-0/+67