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* EAPI=5Michael Sterrett2015-03-153-35/+17
* Update LICENSE, see README and LICENSE files in tarball.Ulrich Müller2012-12-113-12/+35
* no need to inherit games. use toolchain-funcs insteadMichael Sterrett2011-01-123-7/+15
* Fix overflow. Bug #340829Alfredo Tupone2010-10-274-5/+23
* stable ppc, bug 315049Brent Baude2010-10-153-5/+8
* This was never tested on sparcRaúl Porcel2010-07-103-15/+8
* Stable on amd64 wrt bug #315049Christoph Mende2010-06-243-5/+18
* patch for 64bit support (bug #321219) from Christoph MendeMichael Sterrett2010-06-084-15/+23
* stable x86, bug 315049Christian Faulhammer2010-04-263-5/+18
* Initial commit - ebuild submitted by Marcel Schmedes via bug #275323Michael Sterrett2010-03-105-0/+74