Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* EAPI=5Michael Sterrett2015-02-161-2/+5
* x11-libs/fltk SLOTMOVE 1.1 -> 1, corrected ebuild accordinglyJustin Lecher2011-03-201-1/+4
* x86 stable, bug #350771Markus Meier2011-01-151-2/+5
* Version bump to 2.24 Bug #188153Alfredo Tupone2010-11-251-1/+7
* Respect LDFLAGS. Bug #337273Alfredo Tupone2010-10-011-2/+6
* x86 stable, bug #294541Markus Meier2009-11-261-2/+5
* Restrict fltk dependency to SLOT 1.1 (bug #246445).Santiago M. Mola2008-11-141-1/+4
* Remove icon extension from desktop entry to match Icon Theme Specification.Carsten Lohrke2008-02-291-2/+5
* Version bump by Davide Cendron, bug #146732Tristan Heaven2006-10-111-2/+7
* Converted to UTF-8, fixed encoding screwupsCiaran McCreesh2005-09-161-2/+5
* version bump (bug #89889)Michael Sterrett2005-05-131-2/+7
* Gentoo Technologies, Inc. -> Gentoo FoundationSven Wegener2004-09-281-2/+5
* Added to ~ppcDavid Holm2004-07-211-1/+4
* initial ebuild #53793Mike Frysinger2004-07-211-0/+8