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* Updating remote-id in metadata.xmlJustin Lecher2015-06-152-11/+26
* QA: drop trailing '.' from DESCRIPTIONSergei Trofimovich2014-08-104-13/+17
* amd64 stable, bug #495686Pacho Ramos2014-03-033-18/+11
* x86 stable wrt bug #495686PaweĊ‚ Hajdan2014-02-243-15/+25
* Revision bump: EAPI 5, respect AR wrt bug #476770. Do not build static libs u...Sergey Popov2013-08-034-17/+72
* Stable for x86, wrt bug #476748Agostino Sarubbo2013-07-133-18/+21
* Stable for amd64, wrt bug #476748Agostino Sarubbo2013-07-133-7/+30
* add herd and description to metadata.xmlAlexander Vershilov2012-09-013-4/+10
* fixing maintainer in metadataAlexander Vershilov2012-09-013-9/+13
* adding libdkim ebuild, thanks to slepnoga #262919Alexander Vershilov2012-09-0113-0/+897