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* revbump; new script files added to equip for systemd, other script files edit...Ian Delaney2015-07-296-41/+50
* Updating remote-id in metadata.xmlJustin Lecher2015-06-152-7/+20
* more tidy to corruption by file editorIan Delaney2015-05-014-13/+14
* typoIan Delaney2015-05-012-7/+7
* tidy, patches by maintianer from Bug #519716Ian Delaney2015-05-014-21/+32
* bump; ebuild supplied by Coacher in bug #519716, newinitd and newconfd files ...Ian Delaney2015-04-298-246/+150
* Remove 2.6.1 ebuild (double free bug). Thanks to Coacher (itumaykin@)Sven Vermeulen2014-05-283-117/+18
* Bump to 2.6.2 (bug #509672)Sven Vermeulen2014-05-283-9/+122
* New ebuild for net-firewall/fwknop, a Single Packet Authorization and Port Kn...Tom Wijsman2014-04-278-0/+365