Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Drop old.Michael Weber2014-11-189-346/+0
* Revbump (bug 520316, thanks whissi).Michael Weber2014-11-184-1/+1
* Version bump to; fixes bug #509258 and bug #509258, proxied commit ...Tom Wijsman2014-06-124-0/+162
* Version bump. Remove old. Bug #508396 thanks to Thomas D. <>Markos Chandras2014-04-2616-478/+2
* Version bump. Bug #499174 thanks to Thomas D.Markos Chandras2014-03-155-0/+175
* Version Bump; Thanks to Thomas D.Constanze Hausner2013-12-024-0/+162
* Version bump; Thanks to Thomas D.Constanze Hausner2013-10-264-0/+162
* Bugfix 459316 for 4.5.18; Thanks to Thomas D.Constanze Hausner2013-09-224-0/+171
* Version bump; Add new files/ structureConstanze Hausner2013-08-285-0/+183
* Cleanup; Version bump bug 472434; Clearify init.d output bug 472790;Constanze Hausner2013-07-131-8/+8
* Cleanup; Version bump; Systemd support wrt bug 465950Constanze Hausner2013-06-022-21/+20
* Added checkpath -d to init-script, see Bug 429750Constanze Hausner2012-10-211-1/+9
* Version Bump with altered rc-fileConstanze Hausner2012-10-121-0/+22
* Version bump with new config fileConstanze Hausner2012-06-081-0/+21
* Version Bump; See Bug 405509; Thanks a lot to RichardConstanze Hausner2012-02-241-3/+4
* Cleaning up old versions; version bumpConstanze Hausner2011-03-271-79/+0
* Updated init script with simplified dependencies addresses security bug #2889...Tony Vroon2010-04-131-0/+79
* Initial import, bug #255437, thank Vieri for all work.Peter Volkov2009-01-221-0/+80