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* Add missing dependencies wrt bug #547352.Michael Palimaka2015-04-223-9/+35
* Version bump.Manuel Rüger2015-04-213-3/+69
* Cleanup old.Manuel Rüger2014-06-123-61/+5
* Version bump. Cleanup old.Manuel Rüger2014-02-057-246/+14
* Add myself as maintainer. Version bump. Fixes bug #496938.Manuel Rüger2014-01-054-4/+74
* Non maintainer commit: Version bumpManuel Rüger2013-08-043-16/+66
* Fritzing doesn't need minizipChristian Ruppert2013-04-153-12/+15
* Version bump, bug 460186Christian Ruppert2013-03-284-70/+24
* Move Qt dependencies to the new categoryMarkos Chandras2013-03-024-28/+33
* Move Creative Commons licenses to shorter names.Ulrich Müller2013-02-074-16/+26
* Version bump, bug 454168Christian Ruppert2013-01-285-64/+131
* Version bump, bug 432854Christian Ruppert2012-10-254-15/+124
* Do not bundle boot and quazip. Respect LINGUAS, install a valid .desktop file...Christian Ruppert2012-04-186-35/+137
* Initial commit, bug 331177.Christian Ruppert2012-04-184-0/+61