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* sci-electronics/petrify: Several QA enhacements, #449870Justin Lecher2013-01-173-25/+28
* Update LICENSE, the petrify license is a duplicate of Old-MIT.Ulrich Müller2013-01-133-11/+36
* Remove all old-style digests from the system and regen the Manifest files.Robin H. Johnson2008-01-312-25/+0
* (QA) RESTRICT clean up.Piotr Jaroszyński2007-07-023-17/+20
* Add ~amd64 wrt bug #144460.Piotr Jaroszyński2006-12-271-12/+22
* Add ~amd64 wrt bug #144460.Piotr Jaroszyński2006-12-273-4/+9
* Re-assigning maintainership to sci-electronics.Denis Dupeyron2006-09-081-4/+4
* Re-assigning maintainership to sci-electronics.Denis Dupeyron2006-09-081-3/+1
* Assign maintainership to maintainer-neededChris Bainbridge2006-09-061-4/+4
* Assign maintainership to maintainer-neededChris Bainbridge2006-09-061-2/+1
* Adjusted metadata, see bug #138062.Denis Dupeyron2006-07-023-7/+29
* Corrected HOMEPAGE and SRC_URI. Fixes bug #106108.Olivier Fisette2005-09-163-6/+9
* cp -a bad. #103487Chris Bainbridge2005-08-231-12/+2
* cp -a bad. #103487Chris Bainbridge2005-08-232-5/+8
* Fixed ChangeLog header.Sven Wegener2004-12-271-4/+4
* Fixed ChangeLog header.Sven Wegener2004-12-271-2/+2
* QA: Added missing IUSE.Sven Wegener2004-12-272-3/+14
* Moved from app-sci/petrify to sci-electronics/petrify.Olivier Fisette2004-12-275-0/+56