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+# DotNet Core
+## Binary Packages
+The quickest and easiet way to install dotnet core for gentoo is to use one of the binary packages.
+ * =dotnet/dotnetcore-runtime-bin-2.0.4
+ * =dotnet/dotnetcore-aspnet-bin-2.0.3
+ * =dotnet/dotnetcore-sdk-bin-2.1.3
+The SDK package (2.1.3) already includes the runtime packages (2.0.4) for dotnet core.
+The reason for including both is that the SDK is available under x64 platforms but not currently arm32 platforms (such as the Rpi)
+So for the Rpi or other arm32 platforms you'll need to use just the runtime packages unless the application your running already has the runtime build in.
+## SDK vs Runtime
+The SDK packages allow you to use the dotnet cli tool to compile / build C# Code into Managed Applications.
+The runtime packages allow you to use the dotnet cli tool to run pre-compiled applications.
+Normally when you compile a dotnet core application, you have one of two options.
+ * Compile it as a platform independent .dll file which doesn't include the runtime
+ * Compile it as a platform specific executable file which does include the runtime - using a runtime identifier
+For platform independent .dll files these require the runtime packages on the host to use the dotnet cli tool to run / call the dll to start them as an application.
+ * https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43931827/how-to-run-asp-net-core-on-arm-based-custom-linux
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- Open requests on https://bugs.gentoo.org with solutions from this overlay
+Dotnet Core
+For using dotnet core see
+ - [Dotnet Core Binary packages](Documentation/DotnetCore-Bin.md)