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parentuse paxctl-ng to support the favorised method of pax marking via filesystem a... (diff)
clean up
Nemerle 1.2 mono 3.0.11 SHA256 fix overlay by forking mono-env eclass and removing SRC_URI from it 3.0.11 -> stable // 3.0.12 -> wait for git tag mono -> dotnet eclass & lesser fixes Update mono-3.0.12.ebuild Fake nuget packages update failess update fake / nuget eclasses fix fixed FAKE mono build failess bump Update s-9999.ebuild Update dash-9999.ebuild fix Issue with mono ebuild when using USE=pax_kernel, thanks to senditu mono 3.0.12 as source tarball 3.0.12 tarball fails, masking by keywords for now apply fix for mono on own fork & point it on ebuilds & lesser changes stable fake ebuild lesser changes posix fixed on upstream lesser changes & bump cut mono 3.0.13 , it doesn't exist yet... egit_tag -> egit_commit fake ebuild -> switch to tarball lesser fix + digest fix fake builds & update mono 3.1.1 mask 3.1.1 by keywords, failing to build mono 3.1.2 ! works from tarball without git finally F# fake bump mono 3.2.0 from tarball clean up older mono versions lesser QA modified: dev-dotnet/nuget/nuget-9999.ebuild manifest file for fake not-live NuGet version fails fix nuget mask nuget ++ set framework to 4.5 linked SO question mask 3.2.0 Update nuget-9999.ebuild dirty fix for xsp replace unsafe calls with autotools ecalss ones xsp snapshot based on 2013.07.30, thanks to kensington lesser correction mono 3.2.1, hotfix mask bump fake ebuilds gtk sharp from bug 382491 gnome sharp from bug 382491 patched gtk-sharp-module eclass from bug 382491 fix gnome-sharp fix mono-addins 1.0 from 482502 newer monodevelop from 458810
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diff --git a/profiles/use.desc b/profiles/use.desc
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--- a/profiles/use.desc
+++ b/profiles/use.desc
@@ -5,4 +5,5 @@ net20 - .NET 2.0 Framework
net35 - .NET 3.5 Framework
net40 - .NET 4.0 Framework
net45 - .NET 4.5 Framework
-fake - F# Make build system \ No newline at end of file
+fake - F# Make build system
+nuget - Grab binary from nuget \ No newline at end of file