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# Copyright 1999-2017 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
+# .Tasks-files are used to describe build tasks which implements ITask interface
+# these tasks files should be installed into different locations depending from choosen build system
+# either msbuild or xbuild. For some period of time there should be 2 use flags:
+msbuild - for .Tasks which should be used from msbuild
+xbuild - for .Tasks which should be used from msbuild
+# monodevelop and mono packages may also contain support for these USE-flags (but doesn't have yet)
+fake - F# Make build system
+roslyn - modern C# to CIL compiler
+# platforms are set of .dll files (assemblies)
net20 - .NET 2.0 Framework
net35 - .NET 3.5 Framework
net40 - .NET 4.0 Framework
net45 - .NET 4.5 Framework
fake - F# Make build system
-nuget - Grab binary from nuget
-# is nuget use necessary now, when we have source-compiled version of nuget from ebuild?
+nuget - Indicates that this .ebuild downloads binary from nuget website
+# IUSE=" +nuget" is it's usual form
+# the command
+# equery hasuse debug
+# should show all .ebuilds which should be rewritten according to gentoo philosophy
gac - register library assemblies in the gac (where ebuild requests that)
+machine - register ADO .NET data provider in the machine.config (where ebuild requests that)
pkg-config - install .pc file
+debug - build Debug configuration instead of Release default
+developer - create .pdb files or .mdb files (depending on build toolchain used)
nupkg - build binary package for local repository
machine - register ADO .NET data provider in the machine.config (where ebuild requests that)
developer - create .mdb files